Shield-A-Badge Omaha

Please pray about becoming involved with the Shield-A-Badge prayer ministry program.

Shield A Badge LogoOur Purpose
To involve the public, particularly local churches, in a commitment to pray daily for  Omaha Police Officers, Douglas County Sheriff Deputies and Omaha Firefighters. Shield-A-Badge is an opportunity to express support and concern for these public servants and their families.

Prayer Cards
You can have as many cards as needed. Each card includes the name and title of a first responder on the front and a short sample prayer on the back. The suggested use of the prayer cards is that each individual takes one and keeps it in a convenient place such as on the refrigerator door, on the bathroom mirror, in their prayer book, on the sun visor of their car, or on their desk at work to remind them to daily lift that individual responder up in prayer. 

How to Sign Up
Please read the guidelines below and fill out the registration form (found on the tab at the top)
. We will contact you and make arrangements to deliver your cards to you so you can distribute them.


  • Time Period: This is a one-year commitment by the prayer partner to pray daily for the safety and well-being of an assigned public servant and for his or her family.
  • Information Policy: Only basic information is included on the card. There is a no personal contact policy to protect both parties. The goal is to pray for the public servants.
  • Motives: Keep motives pure. The prayer partner should enter into this ministry with no ulterior motives. No expectation should be placed on the officer or firefighter. The prayer partner should expect nothing from the public servant or the agency for prayers rendered.

If for some reason the prayer partner cannot fulfill the commitment, he or she should notify the Prayer Coordinator in charge at their church to reassign the prayer card.

Share the blessing and answered prayer stories. Depending on your situation, you may invite the person in charge or the contact person at the agency to speak at your church about how God is using the prayer support in the lives of those in your community who wear a badge. At least annually,  the intercessors participating  in the ministry could come together to share how God is also using the ministry in their lives.

Your support and prayers are greatly appreciated! 

  1. I have a question…who answers our questions left on this site?

  2. The questions will be forwarded to our Senior Chaplain.

  3. Shameful to say, I live in a city of over 200,000 residents & many small towns within 30 miles of here. (Lubbock, Tx). We have no such program in place that I’m aware of. I spent close to 10 years doing jail ministry until my health got to bad to walk those cement halls. Now I feel the call to minister the “other” side. By the way, I have no record! We need your program here. Can you help me get one started with some details? Tell me how to get one started. I can’t walk very well, but I have a big mouth. & I CAN PRAY!

  4. Stephen, would be glad to help you as best I can. Please send a letter requesting information to the Omaha Police Chaplaincy in care of Captain Bang at 515 South 15th St Omaha, NE 68102. Chaplain Marsh

  5. The registration says “organization.” Can an individual sign up?

  6. I too would like to know if an individual or family can sign up.

  7. OPD Chaplain Doug Marsh

    Yes, individuals and families can sign up as long as you follow the guidelines. Thank you, OPD Chaplain Doug Marsh

  8. The Embrace Blue FOPA would like to have a stack of prayer cards (50). Please contact me about pickup.

  9. We would like a person to pray for. Thanks!

  10. If you would like prayer cards and a Police Officer to pray for please fill out the registration form. Also please signify if you want “Omaha Police Department” or “Douglas County Sheriff” prayer cards. Thank you, OPD Chaplain Marsh

  11. Dianne Payne

    Where is the registration form? Thanks.

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